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Founded in 2007, RIPA is a fine jewelry label based in Baltic Capital of Riga. It is the embodiment of fine handcrafted jewelry celebrating the very best traditions of European craftsmanship in combination with the latest technology and passion for creativity. We create unique and luxurious secret weapons that transform in statement accessories. Our mission is to highlight the beauty of simplicity and share the inspiration emitted by radiance.  The quest for beauty and harmony is eternal...

Inspired by nature and ancient symbols, our designs fuse clean and ergonomic forms, basic geometry and a strong message. From the very beginning, our designs have been executed to produce collections and limited privat orders using exquisite materials including sterling silver, 18k gold and natural minerals, as well as unusual elements like nylon, thus marrying the old with the new. 


Peter Ripa firmly believes that this world is a materialistic place in as much as any idea can be materialized into a piece of art. 

Born 1974 in Riga, he started his professional studies in 1989 at the Applied Arts College of Riga before continuing them in the industrial design department of HFBK Hamburg. He proceeded to hone his craftsmanship and design skills at the Hilde Leiss Gallery ( in Hamburg (one of top Germany’s leading jewelry designers) and internship at the Barbara Heinrich Studio ( in the USA. In 1997, he returned to Latvia and spent more than ten years in advertising and party production before turning his attention to jewelry design again.


2007: RIPA label launches a studio in the Baltic capital of Riga.

2010 - 2011: In collaboration with the fashion label BAIBA RIPA (, RIPA takes part in the Berlin, Vienna and Paris fashion weeks, as well other fairs across Europe. 

2012: RIPA is invited to be a part of Talents Show in Ambiente / Messe Frankfurt.  

2013: Takes part in Blickfang / Copenhagen exhibition 

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